Saturday, January 15, 2011


Let me open by saying that THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL/REAL COMIC BOOK COVER. IT IS FAN ART. I have been an illustrator for IDW Publishing's Doctor Who comic book, but this has nothing to do with them. No, this is all about the story below. Please read before asking questions or spreading false information on your websites.

Also, I appreciate all the offers to buy prints of this image. Due to the legal ramifications of such (as in, it's illegal to sell mechanical reproductions, ie prints, of copyrighted characters without a license from the copyright holder), that's not going to happen. I may give away prints for free in the future via contests or with paid original (ie, not prints) artwork, but right now I have no plans to. What I was selling was the original penciled artwork for the two fore-figures, and that has already been sold.


Here it is, the final to what was DOCTOR WHO: PARADOX, now called (very appropriately) DOCTOR WHO: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

From my previous posts;

As I mentioned previously, I'm saving up for a trip to Gallifrey One, the biggest Doctor Who convention in North America. We're still far short of airfare, and unfortunately, it's getting more expensive by the day.

So I'm doing what's a pretty big piece for me.

Do to time constraints, I've only been doing fully-digital commissions as of late. However, I've put in the extra hours, finding extra time between existing commissions and contract projects (these extra time periods where I'm not doing anything are known as "lunch," "dinner," and "sleep"). Here's the piece that's come of it.

I digitally inked the pencil piece of the two figures. Noticing the completely random setup of the figures reminded me of the cover to Uncanny X-Men #141, the beginning of the "Days of Future Past" storyline, I went and used that as direct inspiration for this two Doctors piece.

Originally illustrated by John Byrne and Terry Austin, I went to work trying to figure out how to incorporate the X-men "wanted" sign into the background. It became obvious, though it would take a little bit of work; I needed to illustrate all the Doctors.

Some of these are reworked sketches from my Ten Doctors piece (Two, Three, and Five), but most are completely redrawn.

If you're asking for the "story" of this comic, I really have no idea. Howabout... a being (not the Master) is going through time eliminating all of the Doctor's previous incarnations (using the Cybermen and Daleks, natch). Ten and Eleven are the last two left.

Originally I called the pencil drawing "Paradox" (as many of you caught, a very obvious play on "Pair o' Docs"), but as I started to use the X-men cover for inspiration, I realized that "Days of Future Past" is a very Doctor Who kind of title-concept. Since this was an homage anyway, might as well take it that extra step.

If you're wondering about my logo and cornerbox choices, they're actually inspired by the 80s Marvel Comics reprints of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips. Those Marvel reprints used this logo (in various color combos) and that cornerbox (here redrawn from the ground up with the current TARDIS). Why "MASTER" as a company name? It began with M, and I wanted to keep that M shape in the cornerbox.

For the comparison, you can see the cover to Uncanny X-men #141 here;


And the cover to a typical Marvel Doctor Who here;


So what's next for this image? The pencils will be going on eBay. They'll hopefully fund partial airfare to Gallifrey One. The winner might also get a FREE (no, I'm not selling those) 11"x17" print of this image. I'll of course link that here when the time comes. The original pencils have been sold. Thanks everyone for your interest.

Thanks for following along with the creation of this image. T'was fun.



Irredeemable Dad said...

I hope you don't mind, I HAD to share this on my site!

onegemini said...

No problem. Thanks!

Jason Garrattley said...

Ditto, Irredeemable Dad.

stephen p. said...

dude you probably could have paid for your whole galiifry one trip if you sold prints of these. i know quite a few people (including myself) who would pay good money for one. you got all of the doctor's faces spot on.

Future Time Lord said...

I would be interested in buying this print if you make more available. I found your blog through the link posted on The Nerdist. I am very sad I will not be able to attend GallifreyOne this year, currently being deployed to Iraq sort of hinders things. I'd love to support an amazing artist for a most worthy cause though!

onegemini said...

To both of you asking about prints, I have no plans to sell these. As a past (and hopefully future) employee of a BBC licensee (IDW Publishing), me selling prints of work using their copyrighted characters (any really) is really darn illegal and could get me not only no more work from said companies, but sued.

So selling prints are not happening.

I may give away prints to people paying for commissions or sketches in the future, or via contests on my blog, but that's it.

spikewriter said...

I saw this last night when someone linked to the image on Gallifrey Base and caught the "Days of Future Past" homage immediately. Great job, and I really like how you interpreted the wanted poster.

As for there being a story, I, er, may run with the inspiration the drawing's giving me. Hopefully, you don't mind?

onegemini said...

Spikewriter - as long as it's just fanfic and not-for-profit, s'all fair game. Have fun with it.

Also - was it my link on Gallifrey Base (I put it in the fan art section) or was it linked elsewhere within the forum?

spikewriter said...

Oh, definitely not for profit or professional publication, trust me. (Been around fic far too long for that.)

It was up in the DTAT thread, but you found that last night. I should wander down and check out your fan art thread; haven't had time to get out and around the forum much lately.

Anthony said...


I was going to do that idea, ish...ha ha!

Tis excellent sir i doff my hat to thou. :)