Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doctor Who Annual 2011 Advance!

(Front cover on the left, back cover on the right)

Also featuring artwork from;

Dan McDaid - [CLICKY]
Mitch Gerads - [CLICKY]
Josh Adams - [CLICKY]

Via my editor, Denton Tipton, here's his photos of an advance copy of the IDW Publishing Doctor Who Annual 2011.

As you can see, elements were added to the cover - I always expected that, but figured it'd just be those windows filled with previews of the stories within.

Instead, each of the interior artists drew the Doctor in perspective (based on the original Escher) in those windows.

To see what I original drew of the cover, click here --> [CLICKY]

Really like how this turned out, though I would've like to see sigs next to the other Doctors. Credit where credit is due and all. Also, if I had known this was the intent, I would've put something more interesting in the star-field of the empty window.

Nevertheless, this cover looks great, and I've already seen all the interior stories - this is going to be an awesome book.

If you're a fan of the Doctor, you'll want to grab this - end of August, 2011, in printed format at your local comic shop, or via the IDW App for iOs devices and other mobile devices where applicable.